Local Treasures: Lovely Things

Lovely Things is a very new shop located on Dock Street in Dundee. Proprietor, Lynne, has transformed what was originally The Dog Food Store into Lovely Things, a boutique that sells, well, lovely things!
Lynne herself is a really friendly, chatty character and is obviously passionate about interiors and design, as well as mixing vintage pieces with contemporary pieces. Whenever I see her I’m always taken by how gorgeous she is and her relaxed, slightly edgy/slightly cosy style is definitely reflected in her quirky, oh-so-chic shop.
What I first noticed about Lovely Things was the amazing wall paper – slate grey, very modern but with a traditional feel. The dark wooden flooring and print of a world map on the back wall continue the juxtaposition of old versus new, while her stock does the same: a minimalist, contemporary grey, suede sofa in minimalist sits in front of a huge, ornately framed mirror; a traditional gold heart decoration is as equally gorgeous as the funky red and white wooden heart decorations, but completely different in style. What’s more is, you can spend hours in Lovely Things and I guarantee you won’t come away empty handed, whether it’s a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself. The proof is in the pudding – after I had gone to see Lynne for this blog post, my Mum popped in the following day and spent a small fortune!

The Daydreamer Interview: Lynne Duffus of Lovely Things
TDD: What is the ethos of Lovely Things – does it have a certain style or personality?

LD: I think the ethos is “a bit of a mix”. I like to show that there is a place for modern with vintage – mix it up a bit and see what happens – but more than that: just have fun with interiors. If you like it – then it works.

TDD: How do you choose stock for Lovely Things?
LD: Choosing stock is one of the best things about this job for me: I surf the internet for hours and although trade shows are hectic, they are a great source and I still love shopping! I picked up a lot of ideas from the many shops I used to go to when I lived in Buckinghamshire and I’ve brought those ideas back here. I hope people like them too.

TDD: What are the future plans for Lovely Things?
LD: I think it’s early days but I guess I really just want to keep surprising people with the new stock – everyone so far has said such great things about the place that I really want them to always be thinking that and be on top of my game. Sourcing is key – being innovative and creative. And if you’re asking about ambition I’d love another shop!

TDD: Describe your own style.
LD: Vintage Modern Eclectic Emotional Fun

TDD: Do you have a favourite designer?
LD: No is the simple answer. I have lots of designers I admire but not one I like all of the time. I’m a changeable fish! But I do love Osbourne & Little wallpaper and I’m a sucker for a nice chest of drawers covered in Farrow and Ball paint. Kartell gets the thumbs up too in our house – their Ghost chairs are really easy to wipe down after a messy toddler tea!

TDD: And a style icon?
LD: Probably Kirstie Allsop. Don’t laugh! Her Devonshire house is amazing – I love all her handmade touches (not that I have the time to do that myself….) and I do love the way she dresses even though I couldn’t carry that off. I’m probably a cross between Chrissie Hynd and Sarah Beeney the way I dress!

TDD: Any fashion/style tips or secrets?
LD: I am absolutely all about the mixing the old with the new no matter what age or style your house is…just experiment. I have a gorgeous little box my Gran bought me with “Tidy Hair Nets” engraved on one side and two drawers on the other – it has travelled the world with me and looked great in every single home I’ve lived in. When you’ve worked with, or are in, the military and have moved as much as they or I have done – you learn to go with what you’ve got. That and candles. Gotta have candles!

 With thanks to Lynne for her time and images.


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