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I recently reduced my hours at the day job so that I could spend a week day at home to focus on my freelance work and, finally, I set up my brand spanking new desk in our home office. I have big plans for the room (it currently has a cabin bed – built by my clever husband to make the best of the space, as the staircase means the floor is sloped – which I want to paint white, along with the walls) so the desk is a minor detail in my redesign project. However, in relation to my work, the desk is a MAJOR detail. It will provide the focus needed to see my day at home as a regular working day because I will have to “go to the office” rather than slump at the dining table and be distracted by the dust or the hoovering, etc, etc. The very fact that I have my own (super pretty) desk to sit at means that I have a purpose – a Mr Motivator for the office, if you like. Yesterday was my first day at my new desk. Of course, the first thing I had to do was take photos to show you guys. Very important business and certainly a high priority….


My desk top essentials:
iPhone, iPad, notepad and pen, clock, fresh flowers and pretty pictures…


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