Early mornings with Bravissimo

I always admire those women in the ad campaigns for sleep and loungewear. All lithe limbs and glossy top knots, wrapped up prettily in cashmere and silk, their svelte bodies draped effortlessly over a chaise longue. I would love to be this relaxed but oh-so-glamorous woman but, in reality, it’s nothing more than a daydream for me. I’m the girl in the mismatched cotton jammies, hair askew, bleary eyed and shocked at the alarm sounding off even though I’ve had thirty years to get used to the morning wake up call.

Since having a baby I am up every day before 7am, and I find myself in pyjamas and leggings (bascially, anything I can term ‘athleisure‘) more often than not. Most mornings I’m darting around in my pyjamas mixing formula and mashing fruit, trying hard to finish a cup of tea or coffee, all before 8am. Rather a culture shock given that there were times I was barely out of bed by 8am, even when work began before 9am… and even on weekends or holidays, I find myself hunched over my iPad blogging or emailing in my pjs, a hot mess even when the clock strikes 12 and most other adults are showered, and ready to face the world in actual clothes.

And so, I decided to update my sleepwear collection. Not in an attempt to become one of those fresh-as-a-daisy morning models who seem to spend Sunday mornings reading papers and sipping freshly brewed coffee, but to become a slightly more composed version of myself.

Bravissimo thankfully came to the rescue with these GORGEOUS floral bottoms – viscose, one of my favourite everyday fabrics as it’s so comfortable and skims the body – and this racerback top with hidden support. I simply can’t wear pjs without a sleep bra so this top is amazing with its internal bra system that the naked eye would never catch, no ugly thick bra straps beneath a camisole, no worry of jiggling inappropriately (and may I add, unintentionally) at an unexpected (and unsuspecting) delivery man.

So though mornings are earlier than they used to be for someone who has never been a morning person, I feel so much more attractive in these pretty pjs than I do in my baggy leggings and porridge stained vest. Although I still couldn’t bring myself to nip to the shops in them. Do those campaign girls do that in their cashmere and silk pyjamas? Imagine! Perhaps not so perfect after all. 

I’m Wearing: pj top, pj bottoms, both Bravissimo.

Location: Oxfordshire.

Images: Kris Miller.

With thanks to Bravissimo for sponsoring this post.



  1. Stillwearingwell 1st September 2017 / 10:29

    I’ve been laid up for the past wee while and have been giving sleepwear/loungewear/nightwear some serious consideration. I own a dressing gown – black of course – and not much else (blush). Pre my wee hospital stay the other week though I figured I’d better purchase some nightwear as when I do have to put something on it is usually one of the teenage boy’s cast off tshirts and pyjama bottoms – not really hospital appropriate! What an impossible task! As a 40 something woman I do not want to wear a nightshirt with stars, cuddly bears, ‘cute’ slogans, tartan or flowers. I want thin, breathable, soft and stylish nightwear in plain gorgeous colours. There is a serious gap in the market here. Perhaps if I could find such a thing, at an affordable price, I might even wear them. X

  2. Candice 1st September 2017 / 12:46

    Love these might have to get online and purchase! Candice xxx

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