Early mornings with Bravissimo

I always admire those women in the ad campaigns for sleep and loungewear. All lithe limbs and glossy top knots, wrapped up prettily in cashmere and silk, their svelte bodies draped effortlessly over a chaise longue. I would love to be this relaxed but oh-so-glamorous woman but, in reality, it’s nothing more than a daydream… View Post

NEOM Organics – Perfect Night’s Sleep

Until very recently, I’d never experienced NEOM Organics London, a British brand which focuses on 100% natural fragrances designed to enhance our wellbeing. Founded by Nicola Elliott (a former journalist at magazines including Glamour and InStyle) and Oliver Mennell (a former investment banker) in 2005, NEOM pioneered the concept of organic luxury candles (as in,… View Post