The best gingham dress on the high street

I’ve always loved gingham, probably because it’s such a summer staple and I just love summer style. For me, gingham conjures up images of freshly mowed lawns, picnics with egg sandwiches and strawberries, of huge white roses blooming and smelling sweet after a summer thunderstorm. What can I say? It’s the daydreamer in me.

Despite my appreciation of this classic-yet-current fabric I’ve never actually worn it, I think because I’ve never found the perfect style for me. But that all changed last month when I discovered this dress on @carolinestylehacks‘s Instagram page – I ordered it immediately and it fit like a dream. Definitely the best gingham dress on the high street, in my opinion. Needless to say, the tag came off and the dress was washed and pressed in record time.

Of course, summer is an obvious season for gorgeous dresses – and this really is gorgeous – but there’s something about gingham that makes it less pretty than its delicate counterpart, broderie anglaise. Gingham has a more can-do attitude. It’s for being in the garden pulling a few weeds, for baking bread on a rainy morning, for a bicycle ride before the aforementioned picnic.

Of the two, I’ve always worn white broderie anglaise, and it seems many other women do too. On a recent Instagram poll, 81% of my followers chose broderie anglaise over gingham and, last summer, I’d have agreed. But this year, with two little ones, a dog and a garden that needs a lot of attention, gingham feels more appropriate.

I am 100% converted. Although you really can’t beat a lovely white summer dress, I’m excited to have my first piece of gingham in my wardrobe because I know it’s going to look pretty without me feeling precious about it.

Now, all I need is a matching one for Kittie.

I’m wearing

Dress, Fat Face
Sunglasses, IOLLA
Trainers, Superga (currently on sale)
Necklace (just seen), Alex Monroe


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