How to make #cottagecore work for you

If you search #cottagecore on Instagram you’ll find 1.9 million posts. Take just a few minutes to look through them and you’ll find an array of gorgeous images, from blossom-filled landscapes, curated picnic set-ups, enviable farmhouse kitchens, and prairie dresses, among many other seemingly perfect country-themed photographs. In real life, aside from buying a cute… View Post

The best gingham dress on the high street

I’ve always loved gingham, probably because it’s such a summer staple and I just love summer style. For me, gingham conjures up images of freshly mowed lawns, picnics with egg sandwiches and strawberries, of huge white roses blooming and smelling sweet after a summer thunderstorm. What can I say? It’s the daydreamer in me. Despite… View Post