Beauty Busters: Deep Heat Muscle Rescue

The British are known for overworking themselves and so it’s little wonder that we get so stressed out! I definitely find myself stressing out with work and everything that I “have” to do, whether it’s answering emails, sorting finances, exercising, cleaning the house or walking the dog. Those with kids must be even more stressed out trying to organise their families
I think the best way to cope with every day stress is to talk to those close to us (a problem shared is a problem solved) and to make sure we take time out for ourselves. If you like reading, make sure you put some time aside every day, or every other day, to really get into your book or mag. Likewise, if outdoors activities are for you, then factor in time for a run or cycle, which will release happy vibes and clear your head. Whatever you do, put your phone/laptop/tablet down for at least an hour or two a day so that you completely disconnect from all the stresses that come with emails and diary appointments. 
Another good way to relax is to ask your other half to rub your back. Really! Just take ten minutes to rub each others backs! Use aromatherapy oils for general relaxation, but when times are hard (or you’ve been hunched over a computer screen / carrying out physical labour all day) then replace the oils for something a little more medicinal: Deep Heat.

Deep Heat has always been a firm favourite of mine for helping with still neck and shoulders, which sometimes include aching muscles but quite often involves knots from me being tense all day. The Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulders Cream is my new favourite product for helping sore shoulders; it comes in a tube with a sponge applicator attached to the nozzle, making for a mess-free application. I likey! It also means you can use the texture of the brush or your hands to work the Muscle Rescue into the painful area, letting you determine the amount of pressure required to massage it into the skin. The product itself smells strong but good, and the consistency is just a simple cream – no fuss, just a good product that does the job properly. It’s Deep Heat, so it does get hot! You only need a small amount to begin with and once you’ve worked the product in for a couple of minutes, you’ able to see how much more (if any) you’ll need. After working it in to the area(s) that needed Mr Man’s attention, I left Muscle Rescue on to work on its own – the heat build up from the product and the massage continues to help ease the knots or aches across the neck and shoulders, so its good to do just before bedtime so the product has plenty of time to really get to work. Then you can shower in the morning, all set for a fresh day, stress free. 
Ah. A happy body equals a happy mind.

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