Beauty Busters: Arran Aromatics Cucumber & Avocado Facial Scrub

When you think of Arran Aromatics, do you think of traditional (perhaps even dated) products made for the bath, because I know I used to. It’s time for those of us with a preconception of Arran Aromatics to think again – Arran Aromatics has changed from the old fashioned brand we used to know it as, into a heritage brand with modern products.  
Established in 1989, Arran Aromatics was founded by Janet Russell and her husband in their cottage on the Isle of Arran, where they made soaps and body creams inspired by the island’s landscapes and natural fragrances. Over the years, the brand developed both in size and in range and, in 2000 After The Rain – Arran Aromatics’ most popular fragrance – was born. Since then, Arran Aromatics has collaborated with other major brands (including boutique hotel chain, Malmaison) and opened a standalone store in Glasgow, as well as various other stockists across the UK. Not only that, Arran Aromatics has grown from a few classic products to a wide range of products with different purposes, from the Arran At Home collection of candles to the Feel Good and Baby Feel collections (the latter was inspired by Janet’s first grand child).  
So, as well as the classic bath and soap products, Arran Aromatics now has a range to suit every need, whether it’s a candle for the home or a massage gel for your baby or a gift package for your friend. What’s more, there’s an every day body care range, which includes products for the face and body, hands, feet and nails, and even for hair. I was kindly sent a sample of the Cucumber & Avocado Facial Scrub (Feel Good Formulas range) to try out, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The packaging is simple – a clear, plastic tube with flip cap and all the info on a cool label that looks as if Janet wrote it herself, just for you and me! The product is a rather frightening shade of green, like all those smoothies everyone is drinking, which can surely only mean it’s like a healthy drink for your skin? The Cucumber & Avocado Facial Scrub is a gel consistency with tiny little beads for gentle exfoliation (despite the product being named a scrub, there’s actually no scrubbing involved) with with absolutely no harshness. The beads are really soft and roll across the face and, by rubbing in an upwards circular motion, stimulates the skin to encourage brightness, which I can say, actually works. My skin feels great when I use it and I do notice that the skin looks brighter – and I feel more awake! The scrub contains cucumber extract to sooth and cool the skin and avocado oil (full of vitamins) to nourish and moisturise. I’m not sure if it’s these simple ingredients or the tiny beads that make my skin feel so fresh, but whatever it is, it works. It’s a really nice, relaxing product for every day that’s easy to use; you can leave it in the shower and use it while you wait for your conditioner to soak in before washing off. It’s also really nice to use across the chest and decolletage, and, quite often, I wash my entire body with the scrub because it’s so easy and refreshing. It’s quick and easy and versatile, and that’s why I like it – anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person, so every minute counts when getting ready for work!
The Cucumber & Avocado Facial Scrub is a great all-rounder for everyone’s bathrooms – male or female – and at just £8.50 for a huge tube (200ml), you’d be silly not to try it yourself.


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