I do love a good face mask on a Sunday! I used to apply one religiously every week, but since having the baby it’s fallen off my radar somewhat. However, I have managed to continue this part of my skincare routine, albeit at a slightly reduced frequency – it’s now around once a month. Since… View Post

HydraFacial, Beyond Medispa

I recently visited the spa at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh (I know – it’s weird to think of a spa within a bustling and thriving department store) to try the most popular treatment, the HydraFacial. Once inside Beyond Medispa, you forget you’re in a busy four storey building and, although the spa is compact, the design makes good… View Post

The Daydreamer Goes To: Terre Blanche, Provence

As you know, I recently stayed at Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort. Part of my itinerary included time at the spa, which always goes down well. Now, I’ve been to various spas, all of which have been really nice. Spas are generally serene, relaxing spaces in which you can totally chill out and self-indulge… View Post

Beauty Busters: Arran Aromatics Cucumber & Avocado Facial Scrub

When you think of Arran Aromatics, do you think of traditional (perhaps even dated) products made for the bath, because I know I used to. It’s time for those of us with a preconception of Arran Aromatics to think again – Arran Aromatics has changed from the old fashioned brand we used to know it as, into… View Post

Beauty Busters: Cinq Monde Spa at Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne

Last Friday I had an appointment at the Cinq Mondes Spa while I was a guest at the Beau Rivage in Lausanne. I was offered the choice of a facial or a massage and, because I would usually choose a massage, I decided on stepping out of my comfort zone by confirming the facial. You… View Post