Another Garcon, Another Photo, One Very Special Memory

While I was at London Fashion Week in February, I had my photograph taken by Jonathan Daniel Pryce. I literally stepped into the forecourt of Somerset House and Jonathan asked to take my photo for Selfridges – how could I resist? 
Jonathan is an award winning photographer from Glasgow who runs his blog, Another Garcon, from London. He created another blog called 100 Beards, for which he simply photographs bearded men. A simple idea, but one which has catapulted him in to street style photography stardom and was recently launched as a book. 
I was beyond flattered that he asked to take my picture and was super excited to see the photos. Although the photographs weren’t used for Selfridges, they are special to me and will always remind my of my first ever fashion week. 
Thank you, Jonathan.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel Pryce. 
Twitter: @garconjon


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  1. b.lindsay 31st March 2013 / 19:37

    Fabulous photographs of you, and no surprise that he asked you! X

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