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I checked my emails today to find a press release from S.C.Vizcarra, a luxury accessories brand, established 85 years ago in Manila. Luckily for us, S.C.Vizcarra’s granddaughter, London-based Rita Nazareno, has brought the brand to Europe in an effort to expand the family business.
Nazareno, an Emmy award-winning producer, has a Masters in film and video and has just received her second Masters in design management for fashion from London College of Fashion. Of bringing S.C.Vizcarra to Europe, she says, “I’ve always acted as a special projects manager for the family business, but moving back into a full-time role has been what I have aspired to. I’ve grown up with S.C. Vizcarra and love every aspect of it. I aim to transform it into a global luxury brand with the first stop being the European luxury market.”
Already spotted on the arms of some of London’s key fashion leaders including designers, stylists, editors, illustrators and artists, the S.C. Vizcarra seed has been firmly planted and is ready to grow. Judging by the leather bags on offer, I doubt she’ll have any trouble convincing the fashion-savvy crowd this side of the pond. The collection is full of variety – there is literally a beautiful bag to suit every woman! Practical, oversize bag for work? The Aviona is the perfect candidate for the job. Need something exotic for a tropical beach holiday? Grab the wicker-woven Cindy. Need a smaller but just as chic bag for an evening event? Leslie will sit comfortably but elegantly under your arm. And for a romantic weekend getaway, the Kennedy will carry all your bits and bobs subtly but stylishly.The variety doesn’t stop in the design – the textures and materials used are intriguing and unique. When Segundina Cornejo Vizcarra opened her Taller de Bordados de Mano (hand-embroidery studio) in 1925, she was a pioneer of exquisite needlework with fine embroidery on piña – a native pineapple fibre famous for its strength despite its delicate appearance. Focusing on classic, high-end luxury bags in natural leather, wicker, abaca (the strongest natural fibre native to the Philippines), each bag is hand-crafted and takes up to a week to produce. This might have something to do with each of the natural leather pieces being woven from one piece of leather, rendering them seamless. Attention to detail is second to none: all bags are beautifully lined with silk or canvas and the cherries on the cake are the stainless and brushed metal hardware details.
And for those of you with a conscience, the artisans are all paid fair wages and well looked after by the family run business. So you can enjoy your S.C.Vizcarra guilt free!

The Aviona

The Cindy

The Leslie

The Kennedy

S.C.Vizcarra http://vizcarra1925.com

images: Forward PR


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