Summer 2023

It’s so boring to talk about the weather, but can we just talk about this weather? Every morning we’ve been opening the back door and feeling the warm air before 8am. To be honest two very important summertime issues come to mind: quick, get the washing on, and which cute dress shall I wear today? Basically, my life revolves around which summer dress I’ll wear to hang out the washing before sitting at my desk! Natural fabrics and flow-y fits are where it’s at for me.

As someone who had a summer holiday before the UK summer arrived, I’m here for this British heatwave and the outfit options if offers up. Let’s just hope it lasts for the school holidays so we can all feel like we’re having a bit of a summer holiday even if we’re not going away.

This Albaray sundress is one I always return to at this time of year. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and it’s such a joy to wear – the twirl factor is 100, and it’s so easy to throw on anywhere and everywhere. The strap-y, tiered style works well for a Mediterranean holiday, while the checks are giving British countryside. Which is lucky, as we’re off to the Cotswolds in July… Let’s just hope the sun stays with us!

Make sure you check out Albaray’s gorgeous summer dresses and cool linen pieces, and know that you’re shopping responsibly through this sustainable fashion brand.

What’s your favourite heatwave outfit? Have you any holidays planned this summer?

I’m wearing

Dress, Albaray – sold out but why not take a look at their holiday shop?
Shoes, Air and Grace (pr) – get 10% off with your first order
Beaded choker and crystal necklace, gifts from a friend
Evil eye necklace, Astley Clark
Bracelets, various


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