Ziggy’s, St Andrews


St Andrews has so many great places to eat, but some of the seaside town’s restaurants are tucked away and, unless you know the area, you wouldn’t even realise they’re there. Ziggy’s is one of these.

Located in Murray Place, it’s close to the town centre but not on any of the main streets, so it would be easy to miss if you were a new visitor or someone who sticks to the main grid in St Andrews. The restaurant is small but very cool; it has a diner theme with loads of music memorabilia mounted on the walls from images of the Gallagher brothers to framed CDs and even guitars. It’s kind of their thing, with some pieces being donated to the private owners (they’ve owned Ziggy’s since it was established in 1983, making it one of St Andrews’ oldest privately owned restaurants). The menu is varied, but basic; think burgers, steaks, fajitas (they looked so, so good), and chilli – it’s geared towards meat eaters but there are some veggie options, mostly veggie burgers, veggie fajitas or fish.



Being meat lovers, we ordered ribs to start, The Gourmet 12oz Burger (Ziggy’s speciality) which was bigger than the bun it came in, and a good old fashioned fillet steak. The burger was enormous and incredibly filling, particularly with the sides of fries. The steak was less imposing, but a good size for a fillet, and absolutely delicious. It did come with a choice of sauces but to be honest, I prefer my steaks plain and it tasted so good that it didn’t need a sauce – I’d highly recommend it. The burger was good for filling up or maybe after a big night out, but it was a bit greasy, which was probably due to the overload of cheese. If you’re not big on cheese, maybe order a plain burger, or the cajun burger, which I very nearly went for and would try next time for sure. Out of the two, the steak won hands down – it was succulent, tender and cooked to perfection. To finish, we shared a scoop of vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce.




I have to mention the amazing, amazing vanilla milkshake – it was the shizzle! So good, especially at this time of year when the sun is out and it’s starting to feel like summer is on its way. I’d go back to Ziggy’s just for the shake, but I’m pretty sure I’d give those sizzling fajitas a try too. Let me know if you go!

Images: Kris Miller


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