Winter Sun

Well, after a week in Fuerteventura courtesy of Mummy dahling, I am pleased to announce my rejuvenation! I honestly believe that I was born to live in warmer climes, yet here I am back in Dundee where the weather is miserable, my mood soon to match. Fuerteventura was lovely; hot and sunny with a warm breeze. Having seen the sun with his hat on again, I remember how much more healthy and bright I feel when living life under the sun’s light.
Of course, nothing but reading, sunbathing on the beach, enjoying coffee and crepes, G&Ts at 4 pm on the balcony, dinner out at excellent restuarants (with a few glasses of Sangria) and walks round the marina will inevitably help me feel refreshed and happy. A holiday is an excuse for over-indulgence after all. But I think that even to live and work in a hot country would make me a generally happier person. All those natural vitamins. Mr Man, it’s time to look seriously into our very own relocation, relocation.
It’s funny – last week I was slathering on the Clinique SPF, but after a couple weeks back in Scotland I will definintely need some help in the Wow Look At Your Tan department, so (until I can blag another holiday) bring on the St Tropez!


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