When Dreams Become Reality

For a long time, I’ve wished that Dundee would be hit by something really special. There is a lot of creativity in Dundee but I don’t think the city celebrates it enough – a lot of people (myself included) are not aware of everything that Dundee has to offer and despite this being recognised internationally, I’m not sure that the city itself embraces the creative outlets it provides. I’m not sure about you, but I tend to think that to be creative in Scotland, one has to be in Glasgow or Edinburgh. (Or just relocate to London, but then, why should we?).
So, for a long time I have wished that something with creative clout would come to Dundee to act as a motherboard for all things creative, to pull everything together in one giant fashionable hub and give creative people a sense of being. To begin with I thought that perhaps DC Thomson could franchise a Scottish Vogue, but so far, no Vogue. (Dear Mr Thomson, feel free to investigate. I will happily come on board). 
I must admit, I’ve had a few daydreams of this sort. Only recently though, have those daydreams started to come true via the V&A Dundee project.
Last night, I attended a presentation at the University of Abertay, given by the Director of the V&A Dundee project, Philip Long. The event was sponsored by Freedom Hair and DDOne. It was great meeting people from the retail and business industry within Dundee (representatives from Overgate, Walkers, etc) while “oohing” and “ahing” over Kengo Kuma’s architectural model. (Which is now at full size as opposed to the half size model at the voting polls last year). The presentation really brought the project alive; Philip Long is obviously passionate about the project, but he also appears to be very passionate, and excited, about Dundee and the potential the city has. He compared it to the recent opening of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain and explained the similarities between the two cities; both waterfront cities that have lost industrial trades and which are well placed between larger cities (Glasgow and Edinburgh for Dundee, Madrid and Barcelona for Bilbao). Long also talked about the possibilities of exhibits he would like to see at the V&A Dundee and seemed particularly keen to retain the immense talent coming out of Scotland in a fashion and design sense, mentioning great Scottish design successes such as Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane, Louise Gray and Hayley Scanlan.
A Fundraising Committee has been established which has already submitted major funding applications for the project. When asked how confident he was about the project being a success (e.g. going ahead!), Long answered with a definite “very confident”.  This should be reassuring to cynics that argue that Dundee has already missed some tremendous opportunities and are skeptical about this being another non-starter. However, having listened to Philip Long talk about the project, I think that 2015 will see the opening of the V&A Dundee. Daydreamers, it’s time to get excited.








  1. Hayley Scanlan 16th November 2011 / 14:19

    HOW EXCITING!!!! Really wish I knew this was on lastnight! x

  2. Derek Little 17th November 2011 / 16:12

    Christina – your observations of Dundee and your wonderful comments about the presentation and the great things to come I think sum up the great feeling about the V & A – I hope all your daydreams come true !!
    Derek Little
    Walkers and DD ONE

  3. Hi Christina,you have caught the spirit of the evening beautifully, there are so many creatives in Dundee who have been waiting a long time for something like the V&A to happen, please check out Norma Starszakowna’s work “Hinterland” it was commissioned by the new Scittish parliament in 2004′ I will lend you her portfolio collection next time we meet,she was head Printed textiles at the art school in Dundee!

  4. The Daydreamer: Christina Lindsay 19th November 2011 / 11:26

    Thanks for the lovely comments, I really appreciate that. The evening was really inspiring, hope there will be evenings like this open to the public at some stage because it really did bring the V&A project alive. 🙂

  5. Hayley Scanlan 19th November 2011 / 18:28

    Dont be silly Christina … but next time YES as I will be twin-less hopefully 🙂

  6. Violet 25th November 2011 / 11:03

    A good piece…I enjoyed

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