What we got up to in Oxfordshire

First and foremost, we go to Oxford to visit our family so it’s not really a tourist-y trip for us; the main goal of the week is to spend time with Kris’ parents and sister, and our nephew. Usually, we’re there over a week that covers three family birthdays. Now that Nathan’s starting school we have to go earlier, so we had a barbecue the day after we arrived to celebrate all the August birthdays in one fell swoop. IT was a lovely day which ended up with a few of us dancing in the rain to live music at the pub round the corner. This old granny was still in bed by 10.30pm though.

That said, we do try and visit somewhere local when we’re there – it used to be trips into Oxford where we lazed around the college grounds, tried little eateries and browsed the covered market, or a trip to Burford, a lovely village with interesting and quaint little shops and a garden centre (so my vibe these days). it’s so gorgeous that Kate Moss chose it to live there. And I love to make an annual trip to Bicester Village – surprisingly, I didn’t find anything in my size, within budget, that I loved, though I was seriously tempted by a pair of crystal encrusted Jimmy Choos. In stark contrast, we loved our first visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens, which was a bit better suited to the kids – especially in the 30+ degree heat.

Speaking of the weather, it was wonderful to have the hot sun shining every day. It felt like we were actually on our summer holidays. We spent a most mornings being lazy, taking the dog for a run or a walk, having coffee and lunch before heading round to my sister-in-law’s house so the kids could play in the pool (Nathan’s confidence and doggy-paddle came on brilliantly over the course of the week), leaving the parents to catch some sun.

Needless to say, there was plenty of quality time and fun together being had by all. It was one of those holidays that leave you feeling five pounds heavier in weight but a lot lighter in other ways.


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  1. Sandi 12th August 2022 / 16:23

    Fabulous Oxford photos. The sun makes such a huge difference. All happy sming faces.

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