What I wore in Venice


What to wear in Venice at 21 weeks pregnant was, admittedly, a bit of a dilemma for me. At any other time (eg not pregnant) it would have been an easy decision – a pretty, ladylike dress, a nice bag, comfy summer sandals.

At this stage of the pregnancy my size 12 dresses no longer zip up and my last pregnancy didn’t show until the end of the summertime, so I didn’t have a huge selection of summer dresses and the ones that do fit are not my usual style (I tend to favour a nipped-in waist which is a bit tricky in pregnancy – for obvious reasons!)

So I went with this two-year-old maxi dress by Zara. The A-line shape left enough room for the growing bump and the long hemline provided a bit of coolness in the heat. It’s not my usual style but, for walking around in the city on a hot summer’s day, it did the trick.

What are your thoughts on this summer dress? And, particularly, on maternity fashion?


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