Wet Weather Wardrobe

When the summer weather turns bad, what do we wear? How do we look summery when the weather doesn’t? It’s a difficult one, because, visually, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that long sleeves, leggings and macs are appropriate wet-weather wear. When you venture out though, you end up feeling a bit hot and bothered under the collar; it’s a tricky situation of clever layering and appropriate but stylish footwear.
I was on Facebook a few weeks ago, when an old school friend who moved to Australia updated her status: 
“Excuse me Scottish people… is it cold enough in Scotland for me to bring my beloved UGG boots to Dundee all the way from Melbourne?” 
Most of her other friends replied with a unanimous “No, don’t be silly!” and I have to say, I was impressed with their positivity. However, I had replied that yes, she should bring her UGGs, because my Oz family in Melbourne told me it was 12 degrees (their winter!): the same as it is here in Bonnie Scotland during summer! I did inject a bit of positive thinking by also suggesting she bring a pair of Havaianas – there’s something to be said for a quick-drying rubber flip flop in the rain.
Despite my agreement to UGG wearing in summer (they keep your feet at body temperature anyway), I’m of the opinion that the weather shouldn’t hold such power over our sartorial choices. Of course, when there are inconsiderate sheets of rain bouncing back up off the pavement, it’s probably wise not to wear those suede Topshop peep-toe, shoe-boot, wedges you smugly purchased at the start of the season, and it probably is a good idea to carry a large umbrella.
But, if you want to wear your vintage floral print sundress, then do. Let’s face it: if the sun won’t shine, then we’re going to have to! 

Brightening up a dull day in a printed dress that screams summer!
Dress by Oasis (SS09), platforms by Aldo (SS10), umbrella by Primark, bracelet by Pandora.


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