Wedding Wardrobe Woes

As guests prepare their outfits for the royal nuptials, women across the country are also anticipating what to wear throughout the forthcoming wedding season.
To help wedding guests look effortlessly chic throughout the season and avoid the fashion faux pas of wearing the same outfit twice, Peter Jones, the landmark Chelsea branch of John Lewis, is launching Capsule Wedding Wardrobe Consultations. Could there be a better excuse to take a shopping trip to London?
Judith Wilson, Chief Fashion Adviser at Peter Jones says; “Many of our customers will receive up to ten wedding invites a year and buying a new outfit for each of them is a daunting task. The new consultations will equip women with the skills they need to shop savvy and create a capsule wardrobe.”  
Hosted by the department store’s expert fashion advisers, the sessions will help women construct a capsule wedding wardrobe that includes key pieces such as tailored cropped jackets, dresses and silk jumpsuits. Essential advice will also be given on colour matching, shape wear, re-inventing existing wardrobe pieces and tips on how accessories and haberdashery gems can transform an outfit.
Fiona McKenzie, frequent wedding goer and bride-to-be says, “Over the last two years I’ve attended 15 weddings and have another 12 planned for 2011 – including my own. Whilst always wanting to look my best, it’s also important to be comfortable since there’s a lot of walking around and dancing in to the night. Many women think they need a new outfit for each wedding, whereas if you create a capsule collection, there really is no need.”
To round off the session, customers will be treated to a speedy hat master-class to ensure their head piece fits perfectly and makes a statement. And so customers don’t forget the outfits created for their capsule wardrobe on the day, advisers will send digital pictures in a wedding ‘look book’ via email.
If, like Fiona, you have wedding invites fighting for space on the mantelpiece, a visit to John Lewis in Chelsea could be worthwhile – if for no other reason than to save your sanity! You don’t want to lose the excitement and romance that comes tucked inside that envelope containing a wedding invite just because you’re panicking about what to wear. If a shopping trip to London is off the cards, at least take some tips from the experts and really consider the existing pieces in your wardrobe, and how they can be easily refreshed with a new accessory or by customising them, a la Auntie Gok. Another great tip is to think about friend groups and who will be attending which weddings – despite fashion code, it isn’t terrible if you have to wear the same dress twice! Besides, in this economy, it’s actually fashionable to buy investment pieces.
Panic not ladies – it’s someone else’s big day, remember?


Capsule Wedding Wardrobe Consultations can be booked by calling Peter Jones on 020 7730 3434 and are available from April throughout the wedding season (April – July).


  1. xx home bird xx 26th April 2011 / 10:28

    Hi! Saw a Vogue re-tweet about your outfit today and found you. LOVE nude/tangerine together and am a royalist too (keep getting a bit teary when I think of royal wedding simply because it’s a huge part of history!). So your blog was made for me, it seems. Hurrah, another blog for me to read when I should be doing something more worthy!

    I’m just starting out with my blog – love fashion/beauty but discovered an inner home-maker through the long winter months and my blogs have centred around my home-making activity! Love yours.

    Nicki x

  2. The Daydreamer: Christina Lindsay 26th April 2011 / 12:41

    Thank you for such a lovely comment! 🙂
    This is just a week dedicated to the wedding theme, because of the Royal Wedding, but I hope you stick around for the usual content too!
    What is the URL to your blog? I’ll have a look! Sounds good.
    Thanks again Nicki, it’s really sweet of you to say such nice things. xx

  3. Donna Neumann 26th April 2011 / 16:35

    Great idea!! We do capsule wardrobes for business professionals (North America only so far) and will be expanding to wardrobes for other needs but won’t be doing the wedding aspect. I have several weddings to attend this summer so you have me thinking about how to max out the minimum pieces and still look different each time. Donna –

  4. xx home bird xx 26th April 2011 / 19:00

    Would love your support – the link to my blog is Thanks! I’m just starting out and finding it more challenging than I ever expected. I think my blog is a bit bland and boring still, I haven’t quite got into the swing of it yet – haven’t got round to doing anything clothing/fashion related just yet.. I’m too shy!

    Have managed to have a quick look through your old posts and I’m now consumed with jealousy over your grandma’s old fur coat. It’s GORGEOUS! xx

  5. The Daydreamer: Christina Lindsay 27th April 2011 / 10:02

    Hi Donna,
    Glad you were inspired! I really love it when my posts give other people ideas 🙂 Perfectly Packed sounds like a great idea, will take a visit out of interest. Christina xx

    Hi again Nicki,
    I’m now following your blog too – I think it’s really great and you are doing a good job of showcasing things that you enjoy. Dog is too cute! My Granny’s coat is so heavy, it’s incredible really. But it’s very special, and very glam! xx

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