Waking Up with Origins GinZing

I wanted to let you know about the Origins GinZing face and eye creams. I was surprised to receive a package from Origins a few weeks ago – it’s a brand I know and one I like, but not one that I usually turn to for my own skincare. However, I thought I’d give these little bright tubs of goodness a go – and I’m so glad I did!

The Ultra Hydrating Energy Boosting Cream (£25) is thick, white and cooling – it absorbs beautifully and makes a good base for make up without a primer. It’s definitely hydrating and my skin has seemed brighter and clearer in the last 10 days or so, which I’d put down to using this cream every morning. I’ve really taken to it actually, partly because of its consistency but mostly because it makes my skin feel alive. It’s really smooth and feels super fresh – it’s a great way to kick start my day (for once, a product that says ‘energy boosting’ really does feel like it’s invigorating my skin). It doesn’t contain SPF, but this isn’t too important for me personally because I’ve recently started using more clinical products in my skincare routine, which has meant I’ve been using a separate SPF35 anyway. Plus, applying this SPF-free cream after my sun block means that my skin is much less oily before applying make up. If you find your skin looks dull or tired then I’d highly recommend the Origins GinZing face cream – it’s made a noticeable difference to my skin in a short period of time. I’m looking forward to using it throughout winter when my skin needs even more hydration. 5/5

The GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (£20.50) was also a pleasant surprise; slightly pink in colour it has illuminating particles which make it look a bit like a highlighter. The idea is to brighten the under eye area by reflecting light. Usually, I find these sorts of things gimmicky but the Origins GinZing eye cream actually does makes a difference to the appearance of the eye and I think that the sheen plays a major part in this. Not only surface though, I think that (alongside Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base which I used every night) the GinZing eye cream has actually helped to reduce the lines around my eyes, which I were told are made worse by dehydrated skin (not in the sense of drinking enough water but in finding the right skincare). The product is smooth as silk and glides right across the delicate skin to create a barrier between your skin and finger. My eyes certainly look much brighter, more sparkly and just generally less tired when I’ve used it – and believe me, my eyes need all the help they can get right now! The eye cream absorbs really quickly, so I’d recommend focusing on your face first by using the face cream and applying your BB cream or foundation, then paying attention to the eyes by applying the eye cream right before your concealer for a seamless application. Alternatively, if tired eyes aren’t too much of a problem, keep this handy for long flights, stressful periods at work, or the morning after a late night. 5/5

The Origin’s GinZing products fit really well into my morning routine right now. My skin is certainly feeling the benefits of the moisturising and awakening qualities of the face cream, and my under eye area instantly looks brighter when I use the eye cream – so much so that I’m considering carrying it with me for a little post-lunch pick-me-up.



  1. Nelli 20th October 2017 / 09:36

    Hi! Which SPF do you use? Been trying to look for a good one for a long time. Thank you in advance! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • Christina Miller
      24th October 2017 / 15:29

      Hi lovely! I use Clinique’s SPF30 for the face (I think it’s anti ageing too!) xx

  2. Barbara Lindsay 26th October 2017 / 18:50

    Using Murad perfecting daycream SPF30 and like it, you introduced me to it!

  3. Tabitha1950 4th February 2018 / 05:25

    I’m a huge fan of Origins Ginzing Eye Cream! I get mine from b-glowing and I have loved the results I have seen so far.

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