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Whitney Port, the fashion designer better known for her appearances in cult TV shows, The Hills and The City, has teamed up with to model the new Love Label collection. Port’s laid back LA style has been imitated by many, but true style comes with personality; Port is the leggy girl-next-door who will loan you her Prada dress with no hesitations, and would rather go for dinner with her girlfriends than with the plethora of men offering to take her out.
That’s why Whitney Port is so adored by girls across the globe – her good looks aren’t intimidating (her fingers are nowhere near as slender as those famous legs!) and she’s as happy in jeans as she is in couture. She’s the girl that models, but then falls down the stairs. In both of the MTV shows she wasn’t bitchy or deceitful, she seemed to genuinely be herself – a nice, lovely girl with a great wardrobe.
And now, part of that great wardrobe can be yours – Port is the current model for’s Love Label, and doesn’t she look amaaaaaze? Whitney’s own style is feminine (that long caramel hair is gorgeous and she’s partial to a floral print) but she likes to grunge it up a bit with a fistful of yellow gold and a lot of black. I think she really brings her own cool style to these images – somewhere between a sexy Jessica Rabbit and a sophisticated Katharine Hepburn – which must be hard to do when modelling a specific brand’s collection. What I love about Whitney Port is that she doesn’t conform to style rules – she has fun with fashion but always knows who she is inside. 


Get Love Label here.

You can buy Whitney’s own label, Whitney Eve, at Doll Boutique.

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