VAMFF: Harper’s Bazaar Runway

As you probably know, I wear black. A lot. I find it easy to wear, always chic, and versatile too. As someone who would rather have an extra fifteen minutes in bed in the morning rather than choosing something to wear, black really is my saviour.

So, when Harper’s Bazaar curated a show made up of mostly black, I was in sartorial heaven. The black was, admittedly, punctuated with blocks of colour, but this was fine with me – when I do wear colour, I prefer a bold dress or monochrome.

Before my trip to VAMFF, I had been told by an Instagram friend that the people of Melbourne like to wear black too, which made me feel at home and less “OH MY GOSH, WHAT SHALL I WEAR!”, particularly when I found myself panic buying shoes the day before departure. As a huge fan of Bazaar in the UK, I know too that that particular magazine brand empowers women to wear clothes that they love and feel comfortable in, while offering choices they may not have considered before, and keeping them up to date on how to access trends using accessories.

The pared back style of the show was completely in keeping with both Melbourne’s and Bazaar’s style. And, as it happened, my style.

Day 2 Evening 484 LO

Day 2 Evening 492 LO

Day 2 Evening 552 LO

Day 2 Evening 662 LO

Day 2 Evening 692 LO Day 2 Evening 695 LO

Day 2 Evening 715 LO

Day 2 Evening 724 LO

Day 2 Evening 790 LO

Day 2 Evening 824 LO

Day 2 Evening 813 LO

Images: Kris Miller



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