Tweet Chic


Last weekend I attended a showcase of the spring/summer 2015 trends at Dundee’s Overgate Shopping Centre. The event, entitled Tweet Chic, was all about showing off this season’s hottest trends while incorporating digital technology; so shoppers were encouraged to share their experience on social media channels (did you see my Tweets?) such as Instagram and Facebook. In addition, there were these really cool magic mirrors, which allowed shoppers to take a full length picture of themselves and then ‘try on’ a range of garments that were superimposed onto their body. How brilliant is that? Trying on clothes without the hassle of actually getting changed? So good for shoppers in a hurry, or for those who are put off by the idea of getting in and out of clothes all day long only to come home with nothing but a notebook from Paperchase. (Which I totally love, by the way, but when you go shopping and try on EVERYTHING and come home with almost nothing? I hate that).

I’m a huge advocate of the magic mirror and hope Overgate does something similar for every new season. The shopping centre is engaging really well with their customers and Tweet Chic was a brilliant effort to embrace technology in what is now a very digitally focused era. It’s a small shopping centre, but it’s a great place for picking up exactly what you need (Debenhams is like a one-stop-shop all of its own before you even start on other great stores such as Oasis, Next, Topshop and French Connection), and I love that the centre is getting so involved with shoppers by organising great events and giveaways. For high street shopping in Dundee and the surrounding area, there’s nowhere else that comes close.


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