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One of the things I like most about about blogging is the sense of community; lots of bloggers work alone, so it’s natural that they gravitate towards people in similar positions – individual bloggers often meet up to create a team in which they share ideas and discover new opportunities. No matter how big or how small their blogs might be, bloggers welcome each other with open arms. (I believe that this camaraderie stems from the initial judgement bloggers received from print journalists and press.*)

So, as someone who has a blog – and is therefore constantly taking photos of her outfit and/or coffee (hear me cry, “But I’m a blogger!” to my friends and family who suffer, not always in silence) – I know how important it is to spend time with people who do similar work. On this note, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite blogs…. please do get in touch with your favourites too.

*I must stress that this is purely my opinion, and that I think that it was short lived – more often than not print and online, and journalists and bloggers work together, and complement each other in doing so.

Thankfifi – Wendy H Gilmour, Glasgow


Wendy says, “Thankfifi is a blog about style and travel and life with MrK (he’s the furry one).  75% classic, 25% fashion victim.”

The Daydreamer says, “Thankfifi is a hugely successful blog, but Wendy manages to keep it real. What I love most is that her Finnish Lapphund, Mr K, features regularly on her blog, and her images are always beautiful, no matter where in the world she might be. Plus, I have serious leg envy and this girl has the most fabulous hair. I just can’t help but check back every day.”

Secret Little Stars – Tatyana Bugayeva, Glasgow

Secret little Stars - TATYANA

Tatyana says, “Secret little Stars is to remind all the lovely girls, mums and mums-to-be that we are all stars. Feeling great means looking great!”

The Daydreamer says, “Secret Little Stars is a really inspiring place; Tatyana is adventurous with her style but it’s never out of the reach of her readers. Her Instagram page is packed full of pretty images, from avocado on toast, green juice and yoga mats to Celine sunglasses and LK Bennett handbags. Almost impossibly, she shines even more brightly in person.”

Style Society Guy – Jamal Jackson, New York


Jamal says, “I’m a true colour and menswear enthusiast. Pointing guys in the right direction for all things style and grooming.”

The Daydreamer says, “Style Society Guy is a great place for any men who need a little style inspiration; Jamal covers everything from watches to skincare and boy-toy gadgets. His pages are shop-able and his outfit posts are enviable; he looks great and he’s in New York! Alongside Mr Porter, Don Draper and Peaky Blinders, Jamal’s Instagram page is one of the reasons I’ve developed more of an interest in menswear.”

Florals and Corals – Lucy Connelly, Glasgow


Lucy says, “My blog is a personal style diary, where strong beautiful images and individual style are key – it’s a place people can come to take inspiration.”

The Daydreamer says, “Florals and Corals is a relatively new blog and Lucy has achieved so much in such a short space of time. She has – effortlessly – nailed the traits often found in serious fashion bloggers; think action shots, plenty of monochrome and covetable appearances from Celine and Givenchy. Lucy and her photographer work well as a team and it’s a delight to watch Florals and Corals grow – the latest post ‘Off Duty’ is the shizzle.”

A Girl, A Style – Briony Whitehouse, Cambridge


Briony says, “The miscellaneous rose-tinted adventures and indulgences of an Australian girl in London and Cambridge.”

The Daydreamer says, “Along with Bryan Boy, A Girl, A Style was one of the very first blogs I ever read. As a blogger, Briony has been an inspiration to me. She too has a ‘day job’ as well as her blog and lives in a city an hour from ‘the hub’. I crumble at the images that depict her life as she skips from pretty pillar to pretty post in a frothy land of sugary, sparkly hues whilst wearing Valentino and Lulu Guinness. A Girl, A Style is a lovely place to visit when you are feeling a bit blue, or uninspired – it’s light hearted and fun. Half an hour spent browsing the site will result in a fierce determination to enjoy the finer things in life, like wearing your most expensive Chanel lippy in the middle of the week.”

Garcon Jon – Jonathan Daniel Pryce, London


Jonathan says, “I’m a photographer specialising in fashion and street photography – Garcon Jon is a document of my journey discovering men’s style.”

The Daydreamer says, “Anyone who is into fashion photography knows who Jonathan is: hailing from Glasgow but living in London, he’s a regular on the street style scene (from behind the lens, usually) and covers fashion week for glossy titles such as GQ. What I love most is that he forever pushes regional coverage, rather than just that of the major fashion cities, giving everyone a chance to show off their style. He’s a true ambassador for British menswear.”


Thanks to all of the bloggers featured above for their images and comments.


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