The Sun Has Got His Hat On – Have You?

I’ve just returned from Estepona in Spain (more coming on that next week!) and, following a heat stroke incident aboard a yacht last year while on honeymoon, I decided it would be a good idea to take a hat with me to avoid over heating – tres not chic. I’ve always found hats super stylish (especially when worn in the sun), whether it’s a floppy 70s hat at the pool or a wide-brimmed raffia hat in the garden. 

So, to help me keep my cool in Spain, La Redoute were kind enough to send over this panama style hat. It’s just the ticket for covering up your head without losing the sun elsewhere; I find that there’s nothing worse than a hat that covers too much when sunbathing – I like to wear a hat to avoid over heating but I still like to catch some rays, so this hat is perfect as the brim is narrow and doesn’t create too much of a shadow. The straw effect makes it nice and light and the style of the hat is fairly classic – the turned-up brim makes it trendy without compromising on effortless style!

Are you a fan of hats in the sunshine? What’s your favourite kind of hat to protect you while you sunbathe? Or do you prefer a scarf or wrap, or nothing at all? 

Get your La Redoute hat here!

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