The Straw Bag

Last week I nipped to Sainsbury’s for our groceries, and had a wee browse through the clothing aisle, as you do. Everything (pretty much) was half price, and I saw a straw bag that was totally perfect for taking to the beach. Bad timing really, because I had my beach holiday with Mum earlier this year (by February, we were officially SAD) and so don’t have any reason at all to buy a bag for the beach. But this one was perfect. And half price. Luckily, I had forgotten my eco-friendly bags to pack the shopping in, so I decided to buy the straw bag to use because I had no way to cart the other bits and bobs in the trolley home, other than plastic store bags and that would just be unethical. 
So, I bought the straw bag. The checkout lady said, “What a nice bag that is, treating yourself are you?” and I replied, “Well, it’s half price, and you can never have too many straw bags.” To which she agreed, of course. Quite vigorously actually. 
Upon arriving home with my straw bag, Mr Man agreed that it was fine to have bought the bag, that it was a lot more durable than those silly canvas things we have under the sink. I nodded in agreement, not sure whether to tell him that was the one and only time it would be stuffed full of groceries. The straw bag deserves a life tucked away in my summer suitcase, so it can look forward to trips to the beach one season a year. It’s what a straw bag was born to do: carry sunglasses, and sun block and bottles of water and books and magazines and fruit to the beach. To sit upright in the sand and not get burny hot, or full of sand grains. It won’t lose its colour like other bags, but rather, will stay straw and will look pretty and be practical while on vacay with me. 
Straw bag for grocery shopping. Silly boy. 

Above: straw bag by Sainsburys, £6 on sale from £12. Excuse the gravel – as I said, the beach holiday has been and gone! More pics next year, unless it’s abused with grocery shopping before then…


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