The staple skirt

When you find a polka dot skirt for £19.99, you don’t think twice about buying it, right? I found this one last autumn in H&M and despite still feeling a bit snug in my usual size clothes (it was about a year after having Kittie) I bought it, because I knew it would be in my wardrobe for a long time – there is always a time and a place to wear a polka dot skirt. Even though I don’t truly feel my best in a skirt (I prefer high waist trousers/jeans if I’m wearing separates), I saw the versatility and longevity that this one had to offer at a really, really good price. It brings my total number of skirts to four.

There are a few great points about this particular skirt. The first is the shape – it’s slightly a-line and it has a high waist and a side zip, so it skims rather than hugs the hips and bum – and the second is that it can be worn all-year round. The black and white works for every season, as does the length – I wear it with trainers or sandals in the summer months, and boots in the winter. The fabric is super light and airy, so it’s a good choice on warm days, but it’s easily layered when it’s cold and actually looks really pretty peeking through a winter coat – I style it with a cute jumper and knee boots. And, now that we can start going out again, I’m excited (and a tiny bit terrified) by the thought of teaming it with a pair of heels for a drink in the late afternoon sun. That said, I rather enjoyed padding around the garden barefoot on a warm day, hanging the washing out, feeling just as comfy but looking much more elegant than I do in my leggings. (Although there’s no escaping the fact I have a 20-month-old with the constant stains on my clothes, sorry about that.)

Do you have a staple skirt in your wardrobe that you know you can rely on for anything?

I’m wearing:

Skirt, H&M (last autumn similar here, search ‘spot skirt’)
Top, Oasis (old)
Bracelets, top one John Lewis, bottom one was a gift for my 16th


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