The September Effect

With the anticipated arrival of glossy September issues over the next couple weeks, summer will be a mere memory for ever-fickle fashionistas. The freshly stacked magazine shelves will soon be followed by the new season collections in stores across the globe, and before you can say, “But it’s only just August!” we’re totally smitten with the Autumn/Winter trends.
My favourite trend for the new season is actually a continuation of last winter: fur. Luxurious, beautiful, fur. The epitome of fabulous, don’t you think?
Now, I know there are negative connotations when admitting one loves fur, but I simply can’t help myself. It’s an attraction that I can’t fight, like ice-cream and sprinkles, or Bert and Ernie.
Fashion and fur. 
They just go.
I’ll be honest. I love how real fur looks (divine), how it feels (incredible) but I do have a conscience, and, actually, I would never buy real fur. Some fake furs are gorgeous these days, and they remain so with a little TLC.  That said, I believe that vintage fur is another, even more debatable matter; vintage fur has already happened. With vintage, everything that happens in order to acquire fur has already been done, years ago, and this can’t be changed – there’s absolutely nothing I can physically do about any pain or suffering that may have occurred. What I can do is wear the vintage fur, and show it off, and hope that in some small way, it’s better than burning it in a protest that is fifty years too late and won’t make a blind bit of difference. 
Why let it go to waste?
As I said, I don’t agree with new fur and if I was to purchase fur, I would 100% choose a luxurious faux fur. The fur debate will go on forever and will never subside (too many people have too many opinions, of which we are each entitled) and I honestly don’t ever see an end to fur in fashion. Particularly not this season, where fur was seen on the runway at top fashion houses including Fendi, Chanel and Lanvin, among others, making it even more desirable and covetable than ever – especially now, this month, when it’s all so fresh and exciting after a long summer of pastels, luxe sportswear and denim.

Above: the ultimate fashion indulgence?
Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2010
Images courtesy of Lanvin.

Above: My grandmother’s vintage fur coat – acceptable?
Below: My grandmother’s vintage fur coat and my adored and much loved pet pooch, MyaDog – bordering on hypocritical?

International Fur Trade Federation:



  1. RonGav 21st March 2011 / 21:50

    Cute shot of you and your puppy. BTW wearing your vintage fur coat — specially being your grandma’s — is a wonderful way to honor her and still make good use of a warm coat. Enjoy.

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