The London Look

I’m so pleased that Georgia May Jagger has taken over from Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel London. Not to offend any La Moss fans out there, but I think that Jagger is a much fresher representation of the “London girl”.
For me, Rimmel has quite a youthful association to it; it’s an affordable beauty line that does a great basic colour palette for a natural look suited to girls who are ready for make up without trying to look older, while also offering some great experimental products for those days when you really want to express yourself – perhaps some teenage angst through a black kohl, or maybe by wearing a fuchsia lip gloss in an attempt to flirt with the hot student on your course. Jagger, 20,  really embodies the youthful, fun, rebellious personality that is synonymous with London girls, while maintaining a fresh, slightly naive side to her. For me, she is the perfect Rimmel Girl: gorgeous, confident and playful, but not just a pretty face – she’s also a keen photographer.
Georgia May Jagger, 2012 Rimmel London

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