The Inspiration Behind 2015


I wanted my first post of 2015 to include my New Year’s resolutions, but I didn’t want to post for the sake of posting – hence, here it is, nine days into the new year, when – finally – I feel inspired. What brought on my motivation? Ashley Graham.
Ashley Grahamis a plus size supermodel (she’s worked with Vogue, Elle and Love, among others). She looks a bit like Eva Mendes (one of my biggest girl crushes of all time) so, obviously, she’s beautiful – after all, she’s a model – but it’s her acceptance of her own body shape and her mission to make the fashion industry (and media in general) understand that beauty comes in all forms. She reminds me of a young Diane von Furstenberg, the fashion designer and President of the CDFA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) who, throughout her career, has tirelessly encouraged women to be strong and confident, supporting them in becoming the woman they want to be. 

I admire Ashley Graham’s work on all levels (in addition to modelling and promoting healthy body image, she runs ALDA, an organisation she set up with four other plus size models; they go to schools to talk about body image acceptance), especially after reading her interview on Net-a-Porter’s The Edit this month. What I really enjoyed about the interview was that it was Ashley Graham’s voice throughout – they let her speak, get her message across, no interruptions. She talked mostly about her own life experience and thoughts, in line with ideas of beauty and her own work. It’s a refreshing read. There’s little point in me regurgitating it, so you can read it here.
That said, I do have to say one thing: save the interview link to your favourites and read it whenever you feel inadequate (in any way, not just about your appearance) – you’ll feel inspired and motivated, strong and, importantly, happier. After reading the article, I felt a sense of sisterhood and determination – it helped me to get started on those resolutions of mine, not just for January, but for 2015 and beyond. Thanks, Ashley.



The Daydreamer’s New Year’s Resolutions 2015
  1. Time is valuable – I’ll be spending more time with those dear to me and less time with mundane matters, reminding myself continually about what is important in life.
  2. Health matters – I plan to take better care of myself (Resolutions 1 and 3 will help with this).
  3. Make progress – whether it’s in the work place, maintaining my home, or increasing my running distance.


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    1. b.lindsay 9th January 2015 / 18:45

      Impressive lady. Like your thoughts for 2015, great attitude for the year ahead.

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