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This blog post includes gifted items from The Giddy Goose.

I’m not sure where to begin with coronavirus and yet there is so much to say. With schools, restaurants and bars all closing 24 hours ago things just got a whole lot more serious. Spring certainly doesn’t feel as hopeful this year as it usually does and a summer of little, if any, travel looms. Let’s hope the sun shines over the UK later this year.

So I’m not going to say much other than look after yourself and your loved ones, and your neighbours too. Smile at passers by, make sure the elderly people near you have the things they need, pick up the phone to your parents and friends, just talk. Let’s use this social distancing as a way to re-connect with people and remind ourselves that it’s the small things in life that are important.

Tonight, we had a little treat. Sure, we’re not even a week into home-working and the ‘lockdown’ has only been in place for 24 hours, but we had a treat nonetheless – a food delivery from one of Dundee’s loveliest restaurants, The Giddy Goose. We ordered deep fried French brie with salad and chutney (I wish I’d ordered one each but I’m also glad to be able to share the guilt – it was beautiful and indulgent), two classic cheeseburgers and fries, and a bottle of red. Just because we can’t go out to eat doesn’t mean we can’t recreate the experience at home, with candles and flowers, the works.

The Giddy Goose (Perth Road, Dundee) got in touch with me to ask for help earlier this week. They offered to deliver some food for free as they are trying hard to spread the word that they are doing deliveries, and that their takeaway menu is currently with 50% off. Plus, if you spend over £30 they’ll throw in a bottle of wine for free, to say thanks. How nice is that? So the food we ordered was valued at around £31 but it would have cost half of that, around £15, including a good bottle of wine to enjoy with our meal. £15 for everything. I repeat, everything.

I offered (a few times) to pay as I want to support local and small businesses wherever I can, but they countered all my offers and insisted on the freebie. I’ve had their burgers before so I accepted – I genuinely like their food and genuinely want to help them, and anyone else who needs it. (Free food not necessary.)

Please, even if you are stuck at home, don’t forget that many people are still running business and working on site. Check with your favourite places to see if they are offering services either by delivery or online – if we can support them now it might help them stay afloat until life gets back to some kind of normal.

The government has said it will provide grants and loans for businesses to help them through this period to pay their rent, utilities, etc. They have also stated that they will cover 80% of staff wages. Thankfully, The Giddy Goose doesn’t have to let anyone go, but the details are still to be released so – like many other small businesses – they don’t know whether that money will be paid out in days, weeks, or months.

Throughout this whole pandemic, before lockdown, The Giddy Goose has had a good line of communication open with their staff, particularly in regards to signs or symptoms or having any family friends who they might have been in contact with who show signs. So far they have had no incidents and all staff are fit and healthy and taking precautions. If anything was to change, The Giddy Goose would take action immediately. They are confident with the levels of precautions in place that everyone will be staying safe and they will continue to do deliveries.

Thank you to The Giddy Goose for treating us at this stressful time.

See the takeaway menu via their Facebook page.


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