The fashionable hiking boot

A photo of a woman wearing a white quilted coat, with a knitted jumper, checked scarf, blue jeans, and white hiking boots, on a patio in front of green grass

White hiking boots wouldn’t ordinarily be on my sartorial wish-list, but you know when you see something and it just makes sense? That’s how I felt when I laid eyes on these boots at the Jones Bootmaker press event in September. I thought how perfect they’d be with blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, you name it. Basically, denim is the perfect pairing with these beauties. They also come in tan and black so if white’s not your thing… or maybe, like me, you’ll want all three colours.

What I really like is that they’re casual but not slob-ish, and the leather and sole are soft so the boots move with my foot. I can’t stand solid soles, and I never buy new shoes without bending the front first to make sure they’re flexible. No one wants to be walking around like Lurch, clump clump clump, because their shoes are solid and heavy! These will mould to my feet and become firm favourites in no time, and that’s what I love about Jones Bootmaker – the quality, design and fit is superb and, when it comes to feet, I want to know mine are taken care of as well as looking good.

close up shot of a white hiking boot

A woman and child sitting on steps

I’m wearing

Coat, Phase Eight (pr gift)
Jumper, Esprit (similar here and there’s 20% off with MSSFW22)
Jeans, Baukjen (pr gift, similar here and 15% off with CHRISTINA15)
Scarf, local boutique (but I love this one from The Tartan Blanket Co)
Boots, Jones Bootmaker (pr gift)

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