The Daydreamer Goes To: Terre Blanche, Provence

Just a quick post today to let you see some photos from the two activities I did on my trip to Terre Blanche. It was lovely to be given the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous weather and surroundings because the South of France is just so beautiful. Over lunchtime on the Tuesday, we enjoyed wine tasting at Chateau des Selves beneath a canopy of trees with views out over the vineyard. The red wines were so delicious, I was gutted not to be able to bring them back in my hand luggage because, sadly, you can only buy Chateau des Selves in France. The wine was served with bread and cheese, a real treat; the cheese was so creamy, I couldn’t decide which was my favourite. It was a splendid lunchtime!

Even the loos are pretty!

On our travels, we came across the rose farm that produces petals for Chanel No.5 and J’adore Dior! Each petal is handpicked by women in the local area and sent to the factory, where the magic happens.

On Wednesday morning we were treated to a perfume making class at the Fragonard factory, in Grasse. We were taught about the different scents and which oils work best with one another. I went for the woody, smoky option and was very pleased when, at the end of the lesson, I received my diploma! We bottled our perfume to take home and took our aprons too. “Je suis parfumer chez Fragonard!” Afterwards, we received a tour of the factory and the process of perfume making was explained to us. In short, it’s like distilling alcohol, which is then filtered in enormous filters like those used for coffee – but in truth, it’s a much more complex, length process. We finished up in the Fragonard shop, which was like a sweetie factory for grown ups.
Both activities I highly recommend to those in the area. The wine tasting was very relaxed and highly enjoyable, a real treat and made me feel very sophisticated indeed, whereas the perfume making class was great fun and a bit of a journey – a good one to do with the girls.
Which one would you choose? 




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