The Daydreamer Goes to Estepona: Day 3

On our last day at the Elba Hotel in Estepona, I succumbed to a glass of Champagne with my breakfast. I had resisted all week – I mean, who drinks Champagne for breakfast unless it’s a) a wedding b) your birthday c) Christmas or d) New Year’s? Well, the people at the Elba Hotels do! You do only live once, so I took a glass to accompany my deliciously fresh kiwi, pineapple and watermelon. Mmm. I made myself feel better by following the Champagne with coffee and a croissant. (Did I mention that our waiter brought me coffee each morning, never forgetting once? He was ace and the coffee was so good, just how I like it – full of flavour, but smooth). What I loved most about breakfast time at the Elba Hotel was that we really took time out to enjoy breakfast together, which is a rare luxury at home. The terrace restaurant was the perfect place to have breakfast; the peaceful atmosphere and pretty plants meant you could (almost) have been in your own back garden. If you had a pool. And a view of the beach. And a glass of Champers.
After sitting for a while, we relocated to the pool for another day of reading and sipping Fanta Lemon (why does it taste so much better on holiday?). We took a romantic stroll along the beach, dipping our toes in the shore (with me running screaming from a tiny crab) and walked back along the promenade which was lined with private villas and apartments and more beautiful Bougainvillea. We resumed our positions poolside and went for a swim, before heading back up to our suite, which took my breath away every time I saw it.
The hotel staff were amazing and totally cool with us asking for a late check out, since we didn’t have to leave until 6 pm. We reluctantly gathered our things and packed, taking one last look out over the incredible view of the pool and beach before saying goodbye to our cute little armchairs and double sinks. It was a sad moment waving goodbye to the grand reception area, but I don’t feel too sad because I’m pretty sure I’ll make a return visit at some stage! 
If you are looking for a few days of total relaxation and pure indulgence, the Elba Hotel in Estepona is the place for you. You’ll be spoiled rotten and will be able to totally disconnect from the daily grind at home. Don’t worry – if you really need them, there’s a gym and wifi at the hotel. Although, if you start off with Champagne for breakfast, you’ll be set to spend the rest of your day in much the same manner.

Tune in tomorrow to read the review of the Elba Estepona Thalasso Spa.


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  1. b.lindsay 13th June 2013 / 21:48

    Sounds as though it is totally relaxing and very enjoyable, a must if you need a pampering break.

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