The Daydreamer Goes to Estepona – Day 2

Day 2 in Estepona was actually spent in Gibraltar! Gibraltar is only a 30 minute drive south of the Elba Hotel in Estepona, so it’s the perfect day trip. (Marbella is also a 30 minute drive, this time north of Estepona – so if you fancy some celeb spotting…)
After another breakfast fit for a king (where the same waiter from our first day brought me my coffee without even having to ask – a sure sign of 5* treatment), we took off in our cute purple Fiat Panda hire car and made our way to Gibraltar. It was an easy drive which took just over half an hour, taking us along the motorway through the scenic Spanish hills. We arrived at passport control and after an hour queueing (I would suggest you park in Spain and walk through passport control) we passed through the gates and found ourselves in a bustling town bursting at the seams with pretty flowers and shrubs and lots of history, which I wish we could have spent more time looking at and learning about, particularly the tunnels in the rock. 

That said, we did take a cable car to the top of the rock to see the monkeys. Sorry, the Barbary Macaques. They were cute, especially the monkey who actually ate a banana and the wee family which included the mum, dad and two babies – but really, I just felt sorry for them. I’m sure they are happy enough though, and one even seemed pleased to have his photo taken with me!

We drove home to the Elba Estepona mid afternoon and collapsed in our matching arm chairs before reclining on our massive balcony to read our books. The sun was shining, Mr Man poured me a cold beer and I continued with my month-long quest to finish Game of Thrones. Bliss. 

Later, we went to the Elba Hotel bar and had the most splendid, most delicious Mojitos we’ve ever tasted. In all honestly, I’ve never tasted one so good. It was bitter sweet and minty and fresh and zingy and yummy! We resisted the urge to have another and went down to the buffet dinner, where we found a smorgasbord of delicious foods to suit all cultures and tastes. We finished off with some teen tiny mini desserts before deciding that we really ought to have another Mojito after all…
Read about Day 3 at the Elba Hotel, Estepona tomorrow on The Daydreamer.

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