The British Designers Collective, Bicester Village

Faithful followers of The Daydreamer will already know how much I love Bicester Village, a love which was sealed on my last visit to the village’s Mulberry store. For my new followers (thank you guys!), let me tell you some exciting news about the discount designer emporium’s latest venture…
A couple of weeks ago, this year’s British Designers Collective was launched at Bicester Village with a specially designed pop-up boutique for the exciting collaboration between Value Retail and the British Fashion Council. Featuring an interior of neon brights – a fashionable homage to this season’s biggest trend – the boutique clearly represents the effervescent creative energy of British fashion.
Participants of the collective include designers who regularly show at the internationally attended London Fashion Week: Jonathan Saunders, Holly Fulton, Felder Felder, Preen, Todd Lynn and Marios Schwab. Their coveted designs (along with many others, including accessories by Georgina Goodman, Jane Carr and Fiona Paxton) are on sale at the usual Bicester Village discounted price of 60% off recommended retail price. 60% people! That’s designer goods for less than half price! If you’re a fan of British fashion then this is definitely a trip you want to make, A-SAP.
My Oxford family is coming to Scotland this month, so a trip to Bicester Village is not on the cards for me. I might have to bribe Mr Man’s sister to visit the boutique on my behalf before coming to Scotland – kind of like a telephone auction. A tele-shop. I have a feeling a tele-shop would cost me more in bribery than the discount rates are worth!

From top: Thandie Newton at the launch event; the bespoke pop-up boutique; some of the designers and Thandie at the launch.

The British Designers Collective runs at Bicester Village until 8th May 2011.

Images courtesy of Bicester Village, with thanks. 


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