The Big Day

Today I spent the day in a wedding dress. I wasn’t getting married, there was no groom waiting for me – this day was basically not about my love but rather, every one else’s: I was at a wedding fayre. 

I was asked by Kirsty (she does fabulous make-up, for any brides-to-be out there) to help out at The Apex’s wedding fayre and for a couple of reasons, I decided I would seize the opportunity to wear a bridal gown because, after 10 years with Mr Man, I have given up hope of having the big day that every little girl dreams of.

Upon arrival, Kirsty did my make-up (thanks love!) and I took time to look at the different stalls for flowers, cars, kilts, cake bakers, jewellers and even a sweetie cart (great for favours). I met a few of the other girls who were helping out by wearing dresses (a couple of very young girls, a bride-to-be and a couple of newbies like me – hi Paula and Dominique!) and then went upstairs to (literally) dive into my dress. Lynn from bridal boutique, Diane Lynn, was providing the dresses to compliment her stall and she manoeuvred me into what one might describe as the largest meringue you have ever seen, with extremely dated shoulder straps. To say I felt overwhelmed would be an understatement. I wore the dress for around two hours (which gained a very mixed response from the fayre-goers) and then I changed into another dress, strapless this time and, incredibly, even bigger than the first. I wasn’t just a meringue – I was a meringue, supersized!
 Above: the meringue!
Annoyingly, the other girls all looked amazing and were given beautiful dresses, absolutely stunning dresses that are clearly the reason girls get so giddy over their big day and their once-in-a-lifetime dress. Diane Lynn is a store that gives a really personable service, and Lynn is 100% a professional and an expert in her field. However, today taught me that if I were to ever get married to my darling Mr Man, I’d probably pop to Monsoon or Coast. 
 Above: even from the back, the other dresses were beautiful.
I found the dress I wore today was completely OTT and because of my figure, it looked ridiculous. I can now completely understand why those pathetic women on Don’t Tell The Bride get so upset when their future husbands choose dresses that isn’t to their taste; being in a dress that you don’t like is worse than being married in your vintage Levis. I wasn’t even getting married and I felt a bit blue about my dress! Shallow, maybe. Pathetic, yes. But also completely understandable and I will not judge any bridezilla again.
  Above: the supersized meringue!

Looking around at the stalls was fun, and having been a bridesmaid five times (sixth time will be this summer!), I completely get caught up in the planning and organsing and styling of a wedding. And I know that the dress I wore today is the perfect dress for some lucky bride-to-be out there, and that every bride can find her perfect dress. The other girls were proof of that! However, today taught me something very important: love is love and I don’t want to be distracted from that by a meringue or even by a beautiful dress. If I do ever receive a proposal from Mr Man (who is my soulmate, married or not) I know that I will see it as a marriage, not as a wedding – already we have had ten great years together and all that matters is that we have ten more, and another ten after that, and another ten after that.   


  1. JuliexB 22nd January 2012 / 21:40

    I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid recently where both the bride and I wore gorgeous dresses from Diane Lynn. Lynn provides a great service and nothing is too much trouble. She understands that every bride is unique and advises accordingly. She is also full of useful hints and tips for the big day. I would definitely recommend her shop to any bride to be.

  2. Paula Duncan 23rd January 2012 / 22:05

    It was lovely to meet you…and your posts are fascinating! Great job Christina 🙂

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