The Antidote to Carb Face

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have been enjoying lots of parties and fancy foods over the holiday season. I know I have been over-indulging, in food and Champagne and all sorts. My usual regime of exercise and healthy eating has been pushed aside by laziness and gluttony. I officially have Carb Face.
The only thing keeping me going through this chronic overdosing of all things edible is the thought of spring time. H&M’s spring/summer catalogue came through my door this morning, with a vibrant Liya Kebede clad in coral, and later I came across the Primark SS12 ad campaign. The bright colours are a symbol of promise, of a lightly tanned face, toned legs and basically feeling and looking healthy. Come January 4th (back to work day) I will be on a detox of ginger tea and lemon with only protein to eat before forcing myself back into my “everything in moderation” lifestyle in preparation for spring. 
Until then, I’ll continue to eat carbs while perusing SS12 images as a way to remind myself that soon it will all be over. Kind of sad, kind of exciting.
Above left: Primark Menswear SS12 – jacket £28, chinos £12, shirt £10, all available March. Shoes £8, available April.
Above right: Primark Womenswear SS12 – limited edition maxi dress £20, availabable February, wedges £16, available March.
With thanks to Primark. 

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