Temporary Measures

When I was young, all my friends had their ears pierced. It was pretty standard that when girls reached the age of twelve or thirteen their Mums would take them to get their ears pierced. My Mum always told me that I could pierce my ears when I turned sixteen (she was always a bit old fashioned traditional, which always seemed to ruin my life at the time but actually did me some good later on in life). Anyway, when I finally reached sweet sixteen, I pierced my ears. Turned out, it wasn’t for me; the piercings got all infected (despite religious cleaning, etc) and I had to take the earrings out because, frankly, they were ming. 
The piercings closed over and I never pierced my ears (or anything else!) again. However, my friend Nicki always wore huge hoops when she was seventeen and ever since then I’ve been envious of girls and women who have had their pick of earrings. From Nic’s J-Lo-esque hoops, to the pearl studs I gave Candice on her wedding day in 2009, I’ve always had earring envy. What made this so difficult to deal with was the lack of fashion forward, modern clip-on earrings available to buy.
I’ve never found a decent pair of affordable clip-on earrings that don’t scream, “TACK!”. I don’t want multicoloured gem drop earrings like Pat Butcher wears, nor do I want oversize, woven brass studs from the 80s – I hate the 80s. What I do want, and always have wanted, are sparkling chandeliers made especially for those nights out on the town when you want to wear your hair tied back without losing the glam factor. For the past decade, I’ve never found what I’ve been looking for when it comes to clip-on earrings, but last month I discovered Eternal Collection. 
I know – it might not sound like the type of place to have what I’ve been searching for (I mean, if Mikey, Accessorize and Debenhams can’t do it, who can?!) but that’s why we were taught not to judge books by their covers. Eternal Collection had the exact earrings I’ve been searching for: Swarovski crystals, chandelier style, sparkling and shimmering and generally looking amazing. Eternal Collection has a huge collection of clip-on earrings (usually websites/stores stock a thrilling choice of two or three styles which generally tend to be exactly the same) so there’s something for everyone, although I defy any woman not to love my chandeliers. 
So, I thought I’d share with you how delighted I was to discover Eternal Collection and their clip-on earrings. Even more than that, I was pleased to learn that the company is based in Perthshire, so is a local business which I am proud to support. 
Spread the word – Eternal Collection has lots of costume jewellery to choose from including cocktail rings and statement necklaces, perfect for the rapidly approaching party season.




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