Autumn: a breath of fresh air

Autumn has never been my favourite time of year, for no other reason than I prefer summer for its warm weather, perpetual fragrance of just-cut grass, and the sound of the birds singing under blue skies early each morning. Equally, I love the childish excitement of waking up to snow at Christmas time, the sound… View Post

Another miracle

Another miracle is on its way, due to arrive sometime early November. It seems that our first little miracle has paved the way for the second – after such an emotional and draining journey to have Nathan, we’ve found ourselves on another rollercoaster, albeit somewhat unexpectedly. Who would have thought after a five year wait… View Post

Giving Birth – My Experience

After sixteen hours of being in labour, Nathan Coburn Miller was born. Naturally, the relief I felt in the instant he was born was mostly due to the pain being over – but it was also because the anxiety that had built up throughout our IVF treatment had finally been released; I no longer had… View Post

Little Black Dress

Accepting a change in your body is difficult regardless of the reason. I’ve always struggled with my weight, I guess being the ‘right side of chubby’ would put into words how I generally feel day-to-day. Over the last year I’ve come to accept my body shape and my skin, and I’ve tried hard to eat… View Post