Nutella & Banana Crepes

I’ve had crepes on the brain lately. It’s not really my fault; I mean, last Tuesday was Pancake Day, and this weekend Mr Man jetted off to Val D’Isere to hit the slopes – and you always eat crepes in France, oui? That feeling of being in Europe and ordering a warm, carby crepe with… View Post

The Daydreamer Goes To: Terre Blanche, Provence

The Daydreamer has been busy at the day job and with other exciting projects, but I’m back with the food post I promised you from Terre Blanche! The food at Terre Blanche was insanely good. On arrival, I discovered nuts and olives and a bottle of wine in my room – a tiny detail but… View Post

The Daydreamer Goes To: Terre Blanche, Provence

As you know, I recently stayed at Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort. Part of my itinerary included time at the spa, which always goes down well. Now, I’ve been to various spas, all of which have been really nice. Spas are generally serene, relaxing spaces in which you can totally chill out and self-indulge… View Post

The Daydreamer Goes To: Terre Blanche, Provence

Imagine a place in shades of green and terracotta, bathed in warm sunlight beneath a blue sky. As far as the eye can see, fields roll and the symmetrical patterns of vineyards dance before your eyes, while tiles the colour of rust give way to the occasional ancient stone chateaux. Quite simply, this is Provence;… View Post

Miss Moi

The first time my mum saw this ad she instantly cried, “That’s you!” Obviously, she didn’t mean I was actually Maryna Linchuk, the gorgeous model featured in the TV commercial. Rather, she meant that I was like the girl in the pretty dress, running around Paris, lusting over cakes and cocktail gowns, gracefully flying away on a… View Post