Sweetheart Muse

It seems that, as a whole, bloggers have taken over the world – but some individual bloggers are taking over the fashion world in particular and Denni Elias, aka Chic Muse, is one of the top fashion bloggers making media history right now. Along with her peers Bryan Boy, Rumi Neely (aka Fashion Toast) and Chiara Ferragni (aka The Blonde Salad), Denni has been photo blogging her stylish ensembles for some time now – since 2009, to be exact.
Some time Americal Apparel model, Denni has worked on a variety of projects with a variety of industry veterans including Vogue Nippon with the fabulous Anna Dello Russo, and most recently Dolce & Gabbana. Not only does this girl have style (of which, the fash pack can’t seem to live without), she’s a doll too. She emailed me right back when I asked if I could do a short profile on her for The Daydreamer and was a darling about the whole thing. Chic Muse is one of my most favourite bloggers and not just because she looks great in disco leggings – she’s a sweetheart of the truest form.
Above: Denni Elias, aka Chic Muse. Visit her blog here.


  1. DENNI 14th March 2011 / 20:22

    love it! Thank you for the article!

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