Superhero Chic

Friday night and I’m dressed up as the Black Widow (don’t worry, no-one else got it either – Marvel comics Russian spy superhero, aka Scarlett Johansson, Iron Man 2) in skintight leather pants and a plastic gun, dancing the night away with Peter Parker. 
Let me explain – my friend Leah threw a fancy dress birthday party for her 30th and the theme was superheroes! I figured an all-black ensemble was simplest, so I opted for the Black Widow rather than Catgirl or Batgirl or Wonder Woman. (Although, if I’d had more time I would have worn a nude body customised with ivy cut-outs and a green pencil skirt and strutted my stuff as Poison Ivy). 
Anyway, superhero documentation below. The leather pants were actually amazing – buttery soft and comfortably tight. And, before you ask, by Dom & Ruby.


Left to right, superhero changling: leather leggings throughout by Dom & Ruby (£545), khaki gem-encrusted top by Monsoon, leather jacket by Topshop, black bustier by Oasis, platform peep-toes by Aldo, cuffs by M&Co, bumble bee ring by Primark.

With thanks to Dom & Ruby and Obsession PR.


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