Summer’s end

I always feel a certain level of sadness at this time of year. It’s mid-August and summer is slipping through our hands, like sand from our summer holidays.

The temperature has dropped (on some days), the wind seems cooler, the nights slightly darker. Our Scottish schools are back, a new term (in fact, a new year) has begun. In the world of fashion, the September issues are on news stands, sparking our need for the new – soon the high street will be filled with autumn’s latest offerings. I return to my ‘day job’ on the first Monday of September and so it certainly feels like the end of summer for me. 

But, of course, August is here for another two weeks yet. Summer isn’t quite over, and it continues well in to September for some – English schools are still off and many people take their summer holiday at the end of the season.

Dressing at this time of year can be tricky. I know I find it difficult to dress between the seasons – I usually lean towards trousers, t-shirts, blazers and a scarf for the office, layers, but with structure, while weekend dressing is jeans, one of my favourite Primark vests and a knit. But occasionwear is a bit of a conundrum, which isn’t ideal because there can be many late-summer weddings on the horizon. Light summer fabrics seem too whimsical, but heavier materials will certainly be too hot. Shorter lengths feel casual, longer too formal. Finding the right outfit for the time of year is a personal choice, but I’ve put together my top five suggestions on how to feel new-season ready without quite letting go of summer just yet.

  1. Whatever silhouette you choose, go for a mid-length – it keeps the entire look summery even if you choose a dark colour or heavier fabric.
  2. Prints are good – polka dots, florals, geometric lines, you name it, a print is fresh and interesting.
  3. Look for colours that work well for both summer and autumn – ochre, navy, forest green, tomato red, etc.
  4. Make up is a great way to change a look – use the weather as a guide! If sun is forecast then bronze it up with golden or coppery hues, a shimmering highlighter, and a light tinted lip balm or gloss. If it’s cloudy or dull, bring a bit of colour with a bold lip.
  5. Consider your accessories – if you’re wearing a more autumnal outfit then choose summer accessories such as a straw boater, a wicker handbag, open-toe mules or wedges. Likewise, if your dress, jumpsuit or suit is more summery then go for a pillbox hat, a structured handbag, suede courts, that sort of thing. Either way, hopefully sunglasses will be needed.

As for the wee ones, well, they look cute in anything.

I’m wearing: dress: Phase Eight (current, Stephanie dress created from their archive prints for their 40th anniversary) – GIFT; headband: Claire’s, covered with fabric from the Phase Eight dress (thanks mum); sunglasses: New Look at ASOS; shoes: GAP

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  1. Barbara Lindsay 19th August 2019 / 20:47

    Good comments well made, some great tips for a summer to autumn transition.

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