Summer Frappes



So, my favourite place is now doing frappes, just in time for summer. The coffee at Visocchi’s really is great and so I was excited to learn about their new frappes; you guys know I’m a coffee lover, but in the summer I don’t always want a hot drink – enter the frappe, the coffee made with water or milk (skinny for me) and ice, shaken up to create a froth. Some places (including Visocchi’s) offer the frappe topped with cream.

I don’t usually take cream because it makes me feel guilty; my coffee is just that, a regular coffee with milk – I wouldn’t add cream to my flat white, so why add it to a frappe? However, it was the weekend and, since Visocchi’s frappes come with whipped cream (and I can happily drink or eat cream at any time), I just went with it. The Visocchi’s frappe was beautifully presented, with a dusting of chocolate on the cream, and a coffee bean and a Saltire flag to decorate. Inside my cute little jar was a dollop of ice cream and ice – if you’re a big ice cream fan (Visocchi’s are famous for theirs) and/or desserts, then you’ll doubtlessly enjoy the Visocchi’s frappe. For me though, the ice cream was too much with the cream and the ice cubes which meant there actually wasn’t enough coffee – but I’m a total coffee nut! When I want a coffee, I want a coffee and I’m used to my frappes being coffee, milk and ice. However, as a treat, the Visocchi’s frappe is great and I’d seriously recommend it to anyone who has a sweet tooth. However, if you’re ordering a frappe because you want a cold coffee, then I’d suggest you simply order a regular coffee instead to ensure you get your fix! Either way, make sure you order a plate of Italian biscuits.



I just had to share the hot chocolate with you – how cute is that little chocolate heart? Yup, we heart Visocchi’s.


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