Spring Dreams

I adore Analeena handbags, and in particular, The Chancellor. It’s something about the simplicity, the timelessness, the fact that there’s no obvious branding and yet you can tell just by looking at it that Analeena is special. The sign of a luxury handbag is that there really is no obvious sign: you just know.
I am forever dreaming of my other life, my life with The Chancellor. My Chancellor would go everywhere with me. It would sit loyally beside my peep-toe clad feet beneath my desk on an office day; it would swing lightly from my shoulder when running around Edinburgh for meetings; it would nest snugly beneath my arm, clutched to my body, when dashing to meet Mr Man for drinks after work and it would perch proudly on the table while enjoying a Champagne lunch with my girlfriends. Yes, I’ve taken my Chancellor dreams quite far!
So, I was delighted to learn that The Chancellor has been produced in some gorgeous colour ways for spring, from three tone croc in oceanic blues to peach and raspberry ostrich. The croc is super glamorous, while the ostrich is understated. My favourite colours are the yummy neutral tones: butterscotch, toffee and creme brulee. Mmm, divine. As if I didn’t have enough to dream about.


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  1. b.lindsay 4th April 2013 / 15:41

    That’s what I call ‘class’, as you so rightly point out, no obvious sign.

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