SkinnyJeans = SkinnyMe

As a woman who struggles to find the perfect jeans (I’m still looking), I’m rather excited to discover the latest denim label, SkinnyJeans
SkinnyJeans are new revolutionary jeans from LA (where else?) that are designed to make you look slimmer. The denim is developed so that it doesn’t sag, bag or grow by the end of the day – saving the jeans from over washing, meaning you don’t have to wash them after each wear just to get them back to their brand new fit. SkinnyJeans are made with stretch denim and are designed with fading and shading pattern, creating an optical illusion on the front and back to slim the leg – Elle Macpherson, watch out! Not only are the legs slim-lined, the front pockets are sewn into the front seam so that when the jeans are zipped up, a restraining panel is created pushing the entire stomach area in. In! J-Lo had better watch out too!
In fact, anyone who isn’t wearing SkinnyJeans had better watch out – there will be new army of optical illusion supermodels before you can say, “Does my bum look big in this?”

SkinnyJeans are priced at £148 and are available from

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