Sex and the City 2: Carrie On

Finally, the 28th May is upon us! It’s the date in summer 2010 that we’ve all been waiting for, and finally we can go see our girls in action.
Well, some of us can.
I am quite possibly the biggest fan of Sex and the City and have been since Day 1, when Carrie’s hair was a short, curly, chestnut bob before it transformed into her trademark blonde mane of wild curls. Despite my enthusiasm for a TV show that voiced the sex questions no-one dared to ask and that valued female friendship and a sense of sisterhood, I am unable to attend the second movie tonight. My three best girlfriends and I went together to see the first movie in 2008, and we agreed to see the sequel together this year on opening night. I was so excited until I got a call from Candice: she’d done a “successful Samantha” having got a promotion, and couldn’t get back in town in time for the movie. So we rearranged for the following week. But then I cancelled by doing a Carrie and taking the sex on vacation to another city, so, (and I note here that Nicki and Clare have been the perfect friends and haven’t complained once) we decided on Saturday 12th June as our official Sex and the City 2 night – movie, dinner and cocktails. Dress code: fabulous.
Sex and the City is no longer simply a cult series. As the episodes (and years) went by in a city full of life, SATC grew into a phenomenon of sex, men, fashion, glamour, New York City hotspots, friendship and hilarity. The characters developed into people we came to love and we looked forward to seeing what they were up to (and what they were wearing) next. From Miranda’s cynical viewpoint and dry wit, to Samantha falling in love with a man who didn’t quite measure up, to Charlotte’s second marriage to not just the perfect man, (the worse the wedding, the better the marriage), but a religion as well, we tuned in every week for the latest news in our fabulous foursome’s lives.
Every season brought us something new to think about, usually courtesy of Carrie Bradshaw and her unique style. Her two great loves, her fashion road-kill moment, her mugging on a back street of her beloved NYC, to which she lost her precious Manolos. I could go on, so I shall: her spontaneous “dip” in the lake in Central Park, her ride on a motorcycle dressed in Prada, her date in the loony bin, the mythical Mary-Janes found in the Vogue closet with her “cookie monster”. Oh, one more you ask? The many trips out of town – LA, Atlantic City, the Hamptons, the Country, Paris – are all fond memories of an SATC fan, reminding us of forgotten episodes and similar personal experiences of our own.
When the first movie exploded onto the scene, we instantly got carried away with the girls again and where their lives had taken them. The boys were there too, and the fashion definitely was – Dior, Vivienne Westwood, our old friend Manolo Blahnik, as well as some lower key pieces and old faithfuls from the series (tutu!). We fell in love all over again, especially with the growth of each character and the links to “real life” as well as the hilarious (Charlotte’s pudding poop) and fantastical (that closet?!) elements of the movie.
And now here we are: Sex and the City 2, and the pre-movie hype as been overwhelming. Having watched the trailer over and over, I can’t wait to see how all the elements are pulled together. Four firm friends leave the routine of their city lives to escape on an exotic trip (political and economical arguments aside please), while wearing turbans, harem pants and sequins to encounter old flames and new temptresses, attempt karaoke and ride a couple of camels! It sounds like a lot of fun to me. All this topped off with cocktails? Perfection!
My motto of the day? All good things come to those who wait.
Sex and the City 2
image courtesy of Warner Brothers


  1. b.lindsay 28th May 2010 / 19:44

    I wish I had read that before I went on holiday! You must remember to go to Salgadosmar for the pork dish……..yummy! I am exhausted after reading your holiday plan but enjoyed it enormously and am now jealous I am not going back! I must be old, I like denim!

  2. b.lindsay 28th May 2010 / 19:48

    I want to go and see SATC2 too!!! Especially after reading that…….you are such fun to go with!!

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