Self acceptance

Self acceptance is a lifelong journey, a never-ending education about ourselves that becomes clearer, and easier to understand, over the years.

I think my own self acceptance is just at the beginning of a long road. As I travel through my thirties I find it easier each year to accept who I am both externally and internally. While my twenties were spent forcing my appearance to fit into society’s idea of beauty (glossy hair, thinness) and exploring who I was, my thirties have allowed me to embrace my frizz-prone curls and realise that life doesn’t get better just because you’re a size 10, that actually, health – not abs – is the important part of fitness. At the age of 38, I feel less embarrassed about being in a bikini than I ever did twenty years ago.

As I navigate my way closer to forty I understand who I am. I know more about where I stand on different issues, I am brave – perhaps verging on obnoxious – when speaking up for what I believe in, I understand that different moments in life need more attention than others at different times. And that’s okay – a few plates spinning at any one time is more than enough.

These days, I see there is value in home life as much as there is in travel, that life is an adventure from start to finish whether it feels static or is moving at 100 miles an hour.

I’m wearing
Dress, Selected Femme at Leonie’s Boutique
Ring, Monica Vinader
Bracelets, a combination of gifts, heirlooms, John Lewis and Missoma
Hat, Dobbie’s, customised with ribbon
Bag, Marrakech souks
Broughty Ferry, Dundee


  1. Lafotka 21st August 2020 / 09:07

    Such a beautiful post. I feel the same way in my thirties actually and often wish 20s included a bit more self-acceptance, but I guess itโ€™s all part of the journey?!

    PS you look incredible and these shots are just so dreamy…

    Your field is better than mine hahaha…

    Tatyana x

    • Christina Miller
      24th August 2020 / 20:34

      Tatyana, I so wish we were closer to natter about all of this over wine and coffee and stuff. Thank you, haha, all fields are lovely when they’re not muddy! xxx

  2. sandi 21st August 2020 / 11:50

    So good to feel comfortable in your own skin. Its funny how as we get older what got us upset or angry when we were young now seems to have been a storm in some teacups.

    Loving the new dress, so beautiful xx

  3. Melissa MacKenzie 21st August 2020 / 13:46

    First off, love your dress and the is gorgeous! Secondly, love your latest blog on self acceptance and confidence in yourself which not all women have but I think they should read this and know that they’re not alone and there’s hope. I was in my mid-40’s before having that self acceptance about my body and not giving a crap about what others think of my style or fashion. I do as I please which made me far happier than ever and you got this before 40 which is fabulous. LOVE LOVE LOVE This!

    • Christina Miller
      24th August 2020 / 20:33

      Hi Melissa, thank you so much for reading the blog and your lovely comments. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it does come to most of us over time. I still compare myself to others, I still have insecurities and am self conscious about things. But you do learn to push it away, to try and compare only to yourself, etc. It takes time and experiences and most importantly love, from yourself and from others I think. I am glad you found it too! And the dress was a gift from my husband for my birthday – I haven’t yet worn it other than for this shoot. Thank you for reading, and for leaving a note – it means a lot. XX

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