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Hello, daydreamers. I know, I know – it’s been too long! I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, not since my Burberry giveaway (by the way, two winners have yet to come forward – message me on Facebook or Instagram). I haven’t felt particularly inspired to write anything, or cover any events, or anything at all really…

However, something I have been meaning to share with you for a few weeks now are my new prescription sunglasses. I’ve been wearing glasses for around two years, ever since I realised that Don Draper’s face was a bit blurry – life was made infinitely better once I had an eye test, ordered some specs, and Don finally came into focus. It also made driving a hell of a lot clearer! Which is why I decided to finally get a pair of prescription sunglasses – I need my glasses to drive, but summer days mean bright skies, so sunglasses are as much of a necessity as specs are. That said, Dolce shades really lose their fashion credentials when layered over regular glasses, so I knew I had to do something by the time August came around. Better late than never.


Cue, IOLLA. I already have a pair of specs by the very cool, Scottish brand, so I knew I’d love their sunglasses. I used the online service as I couldn’t get to the showroom in Glasgow – I took the measurements of the frames to compare against my face, giving an idea of size, chose my preferred style (Smith) and ordered them in the colour combo I liked best.


As soon as the IOLLA package arrived I tried them on and the fit was perfect – no adjustments necessary. The frames are light but not flimsy, and fit nicely against my temples. The glossy finish on the legs and frames is super chic, fitting for the retro shape and tint. I wore them instantly for a dog walk – I could see for miles down the beach! The next day I took the car to work just to be able to try out my new prescription sunnies and it felt so good to be able to see properly (and safely) and feel stylish. I absolutely love them – they just make life that little bit easier, and prettier. So much so, that I’m considering another pair, this time the Muir. Well, a girl needs options, right?


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